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As a Wisconsin veteran owned business, we are proud to offer our professional B2B services to organizations throughout Wisconsin and our neighboring states.

In today’s ever-changing world, we are constantly seeing and hearing about tragic events taking place in our workplaces. From shootings to bomb threats to terrorism... what do we do when these events happen in or around our business? How do we protect it AND do our best to prevent these incidents from occurring?

Every manager and every employee has the duty to become educated so that they can protect their businesses, their peers, and themselves. These events have proven to cause major disruptions to businesses, have huge financial implications, and can even mean serious injury or death to employees. We need to be ever vigilant and always prepared.

We offer site security plans, emergency response plans, evacuation plans, and more. We will also share our proven methodologies that will reduce your risks by hiring the right employees from the start. You'll learn what to do in emergency situations and you'll be armed with the knowledge needed to make split-second, life-saving decisions in any of the following situations.

Active Shooters
Bomb Threats

Terrorist Attacks
Hostage Situations

Natural Disasters
Medical Emergencies

Chemical Spills

Trainer Bios and Experience

We employ several retired and current law enforcement officers as well as current and retired special forces operators of the U.S. Military honing a combined 150 years of real-world, practical experience and training. Our trainers are certified instructors with experience in what they teach. Beyond that, they are passionate about what they do. They believe in delivering the most realistic training experience for you and they do not hold back. This means you should feel confident that you can overcome any obstacle and achieve the greatest possible outcome should you come face-to-face with certain dynamic situations.
Our trainers have the following experience:

Active Assailant (Active Shooter)
and Situational Awareness Instructor
SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics)
Narcotics Investigations
Detective Investigations
Community Services Officer
Police Department supervisory roles
Public Information Officer

Media Relations Officer
Community Outreach Program Administrator
Police Department Training Officer
School Resource Officer
Field Training Officer
DAAT Instructor (Defense and Arrest Tactics)
Firearms Instructor
U.S. Marine Corps Infantry

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